From a distance

Champaign paxlovid pfizer comprar online Little glimpses — scenes of gold,

pfizer paxlovid where to buy a village life, I’m nine years bold,

paxlovid can i buy Hermsdorf enjoying winter’s frozen things, bursts of nesting birds in spring,

 emerald leaves are clothing trees,

 the lazy buzz of bumble bees,

horse chestnut flakes aretumbling inj lantus solostar  down,

paxlovid how to get taste out of mouth Hlybokaye  I’m crunching through them on the ground.

The innocence of not knowing much,

about failure, fear, lost love’s cold touch,

 judging, shame, feeling less than,

 uncertain how to be a man.

I miss a world where seasons mattered,

poetry rhymed, typewriters clattered,

the freshness of young dreams still mattered.