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Rod Baker was unhappy with the dullness of small town, post-war England and, at the age of sixteen, he escaped by going to sea as a deck hand.

Young and impressionable, Rod tried to adopt the shaky values of shipboard life where beer, cigarettes, and women are given priority.

funnel painting MV Lock GarthAs the world magically unfolds beneath his feet, Rod is captivated by a variety of fascinating experiences: The confines of Mao’s China, the poverty of Africa, the abundance of America, exotic Tahiti, insurgents in Aden, and bold Swedish women, all blend together in a captivating kaleidoscope of   cultures and adventures.

After meeting a girl on a blind date, he finally catapulted into respectability by that powerful force of domestication, love; the unexpected change of course, leaves me high and                                                                                                     dry in Vancouver.

This coming-of-age tale takes place in the nineteen sixties on the background of the high seas. Rod tells his story with humour, candour, and simplicity. The matter-of-fact confessions of bad behaviour and the open expression of emotion grabs the reader viscerally and makes it an exceptional read.

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official site I need my yacht by Friday — True Stories from the Boat Repair Yard.

Rod is about to publish his second book about his experiences during the twenty years he ran a boat repair shop. Um, Where is Belize?  In Search of the Unknown.

Based on a road trip Rod took from Vancouver to Central  American and back with a cousin he had never met.