Um, where is Belize?

“Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives.” – Chris Bangle

This very sentiment inspired me to sculpt my life differently — at least once — to use my car for something other than going back and forth to the grocery store, work, or favoured restaurant. We live in the era of the motorised carriage; we all have them. Ever fantasize about hopping into your car with a few sandwiches and a map, driving past your work, the grocery store, and beyond everything you know? Driving as fast and far as you can every day for a week and see where you end up? Leaving the safe parameters of your life to find the shape of your life? “Um, where is Belize” is that story.

As days of non-stop driving are unsafe, I talked my cousin, whom I had never met, into joining me. After I had sold him on the virtues of a trip to Belize, he gave me the title of the book. “Um, where is Belize?”

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